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BS MedicineInspired by Toho University’s educational principle, “Cherish Nature and Humanity,” the Faculty of Medicine aims to develop excellent clinicians who will practice holistic medicine and be distinguished by comprehensive knowledge and medical ethics. Students: 1) acquire the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for superior clinicians, laying a foundation that will enable them to respond to social needs in a wide range of medical fields throughout their lives; 2) cultivate the ability to identify problems precisely and deal with them appropriately by deploying all the knowledge they possess; 3) become predisposed to enhance their abilities throughout their lives in step with the progress of medical knowledge and techniques, and 4) develop an understanding in order to contribute to people’s wellbeing. Students’ schedules include ample time to engage in self-directed learning. Among the facilities are the SDL Center for self-directed and small-group learning, the Medical Science Library, and the Medical Media Center, which is also a library. The Faculty of Medicine’s education includes community service, visits to and practice at medical institutions, visits to family physicians, and outpatient escort. These hands-on programs are offered periodically. For clinical practice in their sixth year, students may select hospitals affiliated with medical colleges overseas with which Toho University has partnerships.


Education for holistic medical professionals

We have established “Education for Holistic Medical Care” as a career education subject so that we can provide appropriate medical care in consideration of the patient’s work, life, and family, and we provide opportunities for students to be in clinical settings from their first year, aiming to understand the patients’ thoughts and feelings while thinking and learning on their own.

Promotion of self-study

In order to continue learning as a doctor throughout life, students need to acquire independence. Our curriculum is designed to promote self-study by providing small-group tutorials for problem-solving and allowing students adequate self-learning time to engage in independent study.


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