Visiting International Student Elective Program

Visiting International Student Elective Program

Welcome to Toho University Faculty of Medicine Visiting International Student Elective Program webpage. We run an Elective Program offering 2-12 week clinical elective placements for international students who are in their final year of medical school.

We value diversity and inclusion and this program has a clear aim to add value to elective clerkships by exposing students to an international perspective on medicine.


  • The program is observation-style training with no hands-on component.
  • Students must be in their final year of the MD program or clinical study at their medical school at the time of participation in the program.
  • All electives are two (2) weeks in length per clinical elective rotation, and we do not offer four (4) week elective rotations for visiting international medical students. Students may apply for a maximum of six (6) two (2) week electives, but these electives must be in different specialties.
  • All elective placements commence on Monday. Students are required to attend an orientation at Omori Campus on the first Monday of their program. Students will not be permitted to participate in the program without attending this orientation.
  • There are certain months or periods in which we do not place international visiting students. Please review the calendar.
  • The application documents should be submitted six months prior to the first date of your anticipated training period.
  • It is each student’s responsibility to prepare and apply for an appropriate visa to enter Japan.
  • International students must purchase overseas travel health insurance, which is enough to cover medical expenses for accidents and sickness, on their own before they come to Japan.
  • No financial aid is available for international students.
  • TFMU will not issue a certificate of completion if students miss any scheduled training unless there is a valid reason.


Placements are undertaken at one of our teaching hospitals – Toho University Medical Center Omori Hospital. The hospital is located right next to Omori campus, Home of the Faculty of Medicine, and easy access to downtown Tokyo and Tokyo International Airport. Please note that currently, we are not offering this elective program at Ohashi Hospital and Sakura Hospital.


TUFM dormitory locates within a walking distance of Omori Hospital; however, only a limited number of rooms is available for international students. If there is no vacancy, students need to make arrangements for accommodation by themselves. Please note that Toho University is unable to provide recommendations for any particular private housing facility around the campus and is not responsible for the contents of external websites linked to these facilities. Students are advised to examine the terms and conditions of a contract carefully before making reservations. 


Please complete and submit the Application Form, application fee, and other required documents six to three months prior to the first date of your desired training period. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

If you participate in the program under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between your institution and Toho University Faculty of Medicine, you are considered a MOU student.

  • Application fee -- 10,000 JPY (Non-refundable and will be taken as part of the application process. )
  • Program fee - 20,000 JPY per week
  • Accommodation fee (only for those who are confirmed to stay in the university dormitory) *20,000 JPY per room per week + 5,000 JPY for room cleaning and bed linen, utilities included.

TUFM will consider the application submission incomplete and will not begin to review your application until the application fee is paid in full, unless otherwise stipulated in an official document such as an MOU. Applicants will receive online payment information after submitting the application form.
Toho University Faculty of Medicine has resumed the Visiting International Student Elective Program in February 2023 for students from its partner universities. Students from partner universities who wish to participate in this program should consult with the relevant department at their university before applying. Please note that students from non-partner universities will be accepted after September 2023.
Applications for the year 2024 (from April 2024) will be accepted from 1 October 2023. Applications received before that date will be invalid.
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