University Research Policies and Guidelines

People who engage in any research activities at Toho University work within a set of regulations, policies, and guidelines that determine how each research to be conducted. These ensure we follow best practices and meet our legal requirements in a range of key areas.

In order to eradicate the misuse of public research funds, Toho University established the following basic policy to eliminate factors that induce misuse and to create an environment and system with a deterrent function.

  • Clarify the system of responsibility for measures to prevent misuse, and publicize it both inside and outside the university.
  • Clarify the duties, authorities, and rules related to administrative processing; raise the awareness of related parties regarding measures to prevent improper use; and build an environment and system with a deterrent function.
  • Formulate a specific misuse prevention plan corresponding to the factors that induce fraud, and implement effective measures in a reliable and continuous manner.
  • Establish a system with effective checks to ensure proper budget execution and conduct proper operation and management of public research funds.
  • Establish a system to ensure that the rules for the use of public research funds are appropriately shared and commonly understood.
  • Establish an effective monitoring system with the aim of creating an environment in which the improper use of public research funds does not occur and cannot occur.
  • Establish a contact point for reporting (whistle-blowing) misuse of research funds and misconduct in research activities.
  • Establish a consultation service for administrative procedures related to research expenses.

Researchers at Toho University, as scientists who are responsible for intellectual activities, enjoy the right to search for the truth based on their own professional judgment under the principles of academic freedom, and also have a serious responsibility to respond to the expectations of society as experts. Researchers must always fulfill their accountability to society, participate in the construction and maintenance of a sound relationship between science and society, and at the same time, strictly regulate their own behavior. Toho University has established the Toho University Researcher Code of Conduct to serve as a code of conduct for all persons engaged in research at Toho University.

Responsibilities of Researchers
Researchers at Toho University are responsible for ensuring the quality of the expertise and technology they produce, and for contributing to the health and welfare of humankind, the safety and well-being of society, and the sustainability of the global environment by utilizing their own expertise, technology, and experience.

Researcher Conduct
Researchers at Toho University shall be aware that the autonomy of academia and scientific research is based on the trust and confidence of society, and shall always judge and act with honesty and integrity. They will also make their best efforts to scientifically demonstrate the accuracy and validity of the knowledge produced by scientific research, and will actively participate in the scientific community, especially in the evaluation of scientists in their own fields.

In addition to striving to maintain and improve their own specialized knowledge, abilities, and skills, researchers at the university will strive to understand the relationship between science and technology, society, and the natural environment from a broad perspective, and will always strive to demonstrate the best possible judgment and attitude.

Toho University’s researchers will actively explain to the public the significance and role of the research they are engaged in; evaluate the impact their research may have on humans, society, and the environment, and the changes it may cause; and publish the results in a neutral and objective manner, while striving to build a constructive dialog with society.

In the process of planning, applying, conducting, and reporting on their own research, researchers at the university will act in good faith in accordance with the intent of this code. They will ensure that research and survey data are recorded and handled strictly, and will not engage in or be complicit in fraudulent activities such as falsification, alteration, plagiarism, double submissions, or inappropriate authorship. In addition, they will take part in research ethics education programs conducted by the university on a regular basis, and become familiar with and comply with research ethics.

Researchers at Toho University will be fully aware of the reasons why all research funds, including public research funds, are allocated by third parties as support for the research in question and will account for all research funds received in principle in the school account and use them appropriately according to the research plan. They will not engage in, or be complicit in, the improper use of research funds through false manipulation of expenditures; for example, fictitious accounting of deposits with vendors and personnel expenses in connection with the expenditure of research funds, or false business trips. In addition, they will comply with the rules set forth by the university regarding the ordering, delivery, and acceptance of equipment, supplies, and consumables purchased with research funds.

Maintenance of the Research Environment
Researchers at Toho University are aware of their important responsibility to establish and maintain a fair environment that enables them to conduct responsible research and prevent misconduct, and will actively work to improve the quality of the research environment for the scientific community and their own organizations. They will also strive to gain the understanding and cooperation of society in order to achieve this goal.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
When conducting research, using research funds, etc., researchers at Toho University must attend a briefing session on the university’s rules for the use of public research funds, and become familiar with and comply with laws, regulations, and related rules.

Respect for Research Subjects
Researchers at Toho University will respect the dignity and human rights of those who cooperate with them in their research, and will give consideration to their welfare. They will treat animals with dignity.

Professional Manner
Researchers at Toho University will listen humbly to criticism of their own research and exchange opinions in a sincere manner. They will evaluate the intellectual achievements of others and respect their honor and intellectual property rights.

Elimination of Discrimination
Researchers at Toho University will not discriminate against individuals based on race, sex, status, ideology, religion, etc., in research, education, or academic activities, but will respond fairly based on scientific methods, and will respect individual freedom and humanity.

Prohibiting all Research for Military Purposes
In light of the founding spirit of the university, “Nature, Life, Man,” researchers at Toho University will not conduct any research for military purposes. In their own research, reviews, evaluation, and decision-making, Toho University researchers will pay careful attention to conflicts of interest between individuals and organizations, or between different organizations, and will respond appropriately while giving due consideration to the public interest.


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