Faculty of Health Science

The Faculty of Health Science at Toho University fosters the ability to think based on scientific evidence, a sophisticated sense of ethics, and the ability to practice nursing based on these skills through effective educational methods. Our program leads students on the path to becoming autonomous nurses who collaborate with multiple professions while demonstrating their expertise.


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What Make Us Unique

The Faculty of Health Science is the fifth faculty of Toho University that explores the field of natural science. The goal of education and research of the Faculty of Health Science is to foster health professionals with the intelligence, sensibility, and noble character capable of exploring and supporting individuals’ health based on scientific approaches.

Five introductory courses to support students’ learning

In order to prepare students to learn highly specialized knowledge, skills, and ethics, and to acquire theory and practice, we offer five subjects: Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Chemistry, Introduction to Written Expression, Introduction to Ethics, and Community Medicine in Chiba Prefecture.

Liberal Arts Courses to expand the capacity of the mind

A total of 24 subjects are offered in four disciplines: natural sciences, humanities, health sciences, and languages. The health science courses, which are the hallmark of the faculty, include “Introduction to Health Science” to learn what health science is, “Sports Health Science” to think about health through practice, and “Presentation Theory” to disseminate what students have learned.

Translational education for steady growth

In order to nurture and acquire the “sense of ethics,” “scientific thinking,” and “practical skills” that are central to the development of nursing professionals, we use a translational educational method and have established a multilayered curriculum in which students learn repeatedly over four years through various subjects.

Our Curriculum

The health professionals, including nurses fostered by the Faculty, are expected to provide healthcare corresponding to diverse social needs based on their knowledge of health science and scientific approaches, practical skills, and commitment to self-education. Therefore, education in the Faculty includes diverse disciplines, such as the humanities, natural science, and health science, in addition to the discipline of nursing because nursing is an interdisciplinary academic field. In their final year, students integrate these diverse disciplines and gain practical nursing skills based on intelligence, logic, and humanitarian values. The Faculty of Health Science adopts “translational education” involving cooperation between several fields of nursing. The word “translation” in the field of nursing essentially means translation from fundamental nursing theory to practical nursing care, in other words, “Bench-to-Bedside”. Basically, “translation” is the “mediation between knowledge and practice”, meaning we apply evidence obtained by research to clinical settings, as well as knowledge, attitudes, and nursing practices learned through basic nursing education.
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