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Classroom Policy for AY2021

February 15, 2021
Dear Students,

I believe that the past year has been an unexpected one for current students and new students, as the new coronavirus infection has been rampant and the government has declared a state of emergency twice.

Even under these circumstances, Toho University’s faculty members and staff have worked together to pay utmost attention to preventing the spread of infection, and have continued our educational and research activities to ensure that students have appropriate opportunities to study. For the fall semester of AY 2020, we were able to make full use of remote classes and conduct face-to-face classes on campus, mainly for exercises and practical training. I would like to express my sincere gratitude once again to the students for their sincere cooperation in this major change.

However, the new coronavirus infection is still an infectious disease with many unknowns, such as the confirmation of variants in Japan, and it is expected that a long-term response will be necessary. Therefore, we would like to announce the following policy for classes at Toho University for AY 2021.

What to expect

  • We will conduct face-to-face lectures on campus, mainly in the form of exercises and practical training, in order to enhance educational effectiveness, to connect students with each other, and to cultivate rich humanity based on Toho’s founding spirit of “nature, life, and man” At the same time, we will also make full use of distance learning to cope with infectious diseases.

  • Remote classes will be conducted in a variety of formats, including interactive online lectures and on-demand video streaming.

  • Both new and current students will be required to prepare own computers and internet connection at home, and to maintain a good learning and communication environment.
Please note that this policy will be revised as necessary in the event that new infections spread or the latest information and findings are obtained.

While there are still some difficulties with remote learning in terms of maintaining the learning environment and communication, there are many excellent aspects of remote learning, such as the ability to repeat lessons at any time and any place. For this reason, we would like to continue to promote education with the use of remote learning.

The experience of distance learning at universities will lead you to a future where you can expand your career in society. We hope that you will fully understand that this is a vision for the future, and look forward to your classes in AY2021.

Ken Takamatsu
@ Toho University