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Reminders to stay safe during summer vacation

July 30, 2021

Dear Students:

As July comes to an end, the hot weather has become even more severe. I am sure that many of you have already finished your regular exams and assignments for the spring semester and are now on summer vacation.

During the spring semester, in order to achieve educational effects, to connect students with each other, and from the perspective of “Nature, Life, Man” the founding spirit of the university, Toho University has been holding face-to-face classes on campus, mainly for seminars and practical training, even under the repeated emergency declarations. During this period, there have been no cases of infection with the COVID-19 at our university. We believe that this is the result of the infection prevention measures taken by students and staff. In addition to classes, you all cooperated with us in conducting extracurricular activities online and refraining from eating out.
I would like to express my gratitude once again to all of you who have acted with high ethical standards and a sense of social responsibility.

As one of the university-based vaccination sites, Toho University is currently promoting vaccinations on Narashino Campus not only for students, faculty and staff, but also for those who are planning to study abroad, and people from nearby educational institutions and companies. As a natural science university, we are able to contribute to the local community thanks to the understanding and cooperation of each and every one of you.

However, as reported in the media, COVID-19 infection is spreading nationwide, especially in Tokyo, leaving the medical care system in many areas on the brink of collapse. In particular, a new hybrid COVID-19 variant (Delta variant), which is more contagious than previous variants and carries a higher risk of serious illness regardless of age, is spreading, and the percentage of young people in their 20s and 30s who are infected is increasing. A state of emergency is expected to be declared in the three prefectures of the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka Prefecture on August 2.

The effect of vaccination has been evaluated and analyzed, with research results showing that vaccination is effective even against new hybrid COVID-19 variant after two doses. However, it takes a certain period of time for immunity to be established. Even after immunity is established, the effectiveness in preventing the onset of the disease is not 100%. In addition, there are many things that are still unclear, such as the extent to which vaccination can prevent infection from one person to another.

For this reason, I would like to ask you to reiterate how you should spend your summer vacation. Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not, please continue to take thorough measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding crowded, close, or sealed spaces, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and hand rubbing alcohol, and refraining from speaking or talking when eating or drinking. This will help reduce your risk of infection. This will also reduce the risk of infection for your family and friends. As a result, we will be able to prevent infection and serious illness in society as a whole, and save lives of many.

In order for Toho University, as an educational institution, to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infection, please contact the Health Promotion Center immediately if you have a fever, suspect that you are infected, or become a close contact, even during the summer vacation.

The faculty and staff are looking forward to seeing you again on campus in the fall semester. In order to ensure a safe and secure student life, we ask for your further understanding and cooperation without letting your guard down.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the consultation form.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Takamatsu

@ Toho University