News from Toho
September 24, 2019

The delegation of Kunming Medical University visited Omori Campus

The delegation of Kunming Medical University (KMU), led by Prof. Baosheng Xie, Vice President of KMU, paid a visit to Prof. Ken Takamatsu, President of Toho University, on September 24, 2019.

The purposes of the visit were to review the past exchange programs, share insights into the current research and academic situation in Japan and China, and discuss possibilities for new joint projects. Other KMU delegates were Prof. Yongwen He, Dean of Graduate School, Prof. Zhangcheng Yin, Vice Dean of School of Stomatology, Prof. Wenlin Wang, Director of University Journal Department, and Ms. Jing Yang, Chief of Asian & African Affairs Section.

From Toho University, Prof. Yoshinori Watanabe, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Kazuhiro Tateda, Director of Toho University International Communication Center, Prof. Keisuke Kato, Director of International Communication Center at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof. Wei Li, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences also joined the meeting with the KMU Delegation.
Toho University and Kunming Medical University entered into a partnership agreement in 2003. Since then, both universities deepen firendship through exchange programs for staff and stundents, as well as joint seminars.