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May 12, 2022

Exploring the fasciation of Mongolian native plants living in extreme environments

Special Lecture by Professors from National University of Mongolia
Prof. Javzan Batkhuu
Dr. Bekh-Ochir Davaapurev
On, May 12 2022, Prof. Javzan Batkhuu and Associate Prof. Bekh-Ochir Davaapurev of the National University of Mongolia were invited to give an online lecture entitled “Exploring the fasciation of Mongolian native plants living in extreme environments,” supported by Fund for the Advancement of Science in Commemoration of Toho University’s 60th Anniversary. A total of 46 faculty staff and students from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences attended this lecture.
They spoke about the physiological and molecular biological analysis of the germination and growth mechanisms of Mongolian plants that grow in conditions of extreme high and low temperatures and aridity; their research on the constituents of grasses and other native Mongolian plants that are the preferred forage feed of the five livestock species in the steppe (horses, camels, sheep, goats, and cattle); and research to find useful substances using endophytic actinomycetes.


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