December 7, 2022
December 7, 2022

Visualization of controlled cell death necroptosis in vivo

A research group led by Professor Hiroyasu Nakano and Dr. Shin Murai of the Department of Biochemistry, Toho University Faculty of Medicine, established genetically engineered mice that express a previously developed sensor protein called SMART throughout the body. The team successfully observed a form of controlled cell death called necroptosis, which is different from apoptosis, on an individual level. Notably, this is the first time that a genetically engineered mouse expressing the SMART sensor protein has been successfully established. The development of SMART transgenic mice allowed the researchers to observe in real time the process of necroptosis induction in proximal tubular epithelial cells using cisplatin, an anticancer drug. This was expected to accelerate the elucidation of pathological conditions involving necroptosis, such as ischemic diseases, and the development of therapeutic techniques. This result was achieved in collaboration with Dr. Michiyuki Matsuda, Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University; Team Leader Kenta Sumiyama, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research; Dr. Kumi Araki, Center for Animal Resources and Development, Kumamoto University; Dr. Masaki Ohmuraya, Hyogo College of Medicine; and Dr. Yoshifumi Yamaguchi, Institute of Lo600-601. Temperature Science, Hokkaido University. The paper was published in the journal Communications Biology on December 5.
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