Fostering Leaders in High-Quality Advanced Medical Care

Graduate School of Medicine

Fostering Leaders in High-Quality Advanced Medical Care

Toho University Graduate School of Medicine provides a master’s course in medical science and a doctoral course in medicine. There are four majors offered under the doctoral and master’s degree programs: metabolic control systems, higher function regulation, biological response, and socio-environmental care. They are further divided into various courses, and we are conducting research in these majors.


The doctoral degree program has a long history of providing instruction on dissertations and practical applications of medicine. It has also produced a large number of remarkable specialists and university professors. Graduation from a six-year undergraduate or master’s degree program is required for admission into this program. We accept applications from not only students who major in medicine, but also students majoring in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The program aims to foster medical researchers with a reverence for life who can develop cutting-edge research, leading medical professionals who have acquired high-quality and specialized knowledge and skills with the capability to develop a global outlook on clinical research that is rooted in medical care, and healthcare practitioners with knowledge in preventive medicine rooted in a deep love for mankind.


The master’s degree program has a curriculum in which students can attend courses in a wide variety of fields. Graduation from a four-year undergraduate degree program is a prerequisite to sit for the entrance examination. Similarly to the doctoral degree program, our master’s degree program accepts applications from not only students who major in natural sciences, but also those who major in the humanities and social sciences. This program aims to foster highly specialized professionals who, in addition to their varied and intellectual background, conduct research in the medical field and have deep insight as well as a broad outlook. Graduates of our master’s degree program have the option to progress to our doctoral program and/or become medical researchers.



Metabolic Control System

Cellular Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Bioregulation, Pharmacology, Laboratory Medicine

Socio-Environmental Medicine

Legal Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, Public Health, Health Policy & Health Service Research, Medical statistics, Medical Informatics

Biological Response

Pathology, Surgical Pathology, Microbiology and Infection Control Science, Molecular Immunology, Microbiology and Immunology, Radiology

Integrative Biosystem

Human Physiological Anatomy, Ultrastructural and Functional Morphology, Physiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Ophthalmology

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