January 14, 2022
January 14, 2022

The MEICIS Mental Consultation Room, a Website to Search for Consultation Organizations in the Community Launched

The MEICIS Mental Consultation Room website
Researchers at the Department of Neuropsychiatry, Toho University Faculty of Medicine, have recently developed the “MEICIS Mental Consultation Room,” a website to search for local consultation agencies providing early interventions to mental health concerns and mental illness. It covers multiple fields and takes the user interface (UI) into consideration. This production was performed as part of the research project called “Mental health and Early Intervention in the Community-based Integrated care System: MEICIS (Principal Investigator: Prof. Takahiro Nemoto at Toho University),” a research project funded by the Health Labour Sciences Research Grant (the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare). The MEICIS Mental Consultation Room was launched in cooperation with Ota City and other related organizations. This website will serve as a model tool in the Community-based Integrated Care System for Mental Disorders that is supposed to be established in various areas in the future.
Consultation Categories
Main Features:
  • This website provides detailed information on community-based organizations that provide consultation services for a wide range of issues, which are not limited to the health, medical, and welfare fields.
  • The user interface (UI) has been carefully designed so that users can search for and select a consultation organization easily.
  • It is expected that this website will become a model to provide information about consultation services in the Community-based Integrated Care System for Mental Disorders.

For people with problems to be connected to the consultation, it is necessary that they first have information about organizations. To lead to the actual consultation, it is indispensable to show them detailed things such as where people can consult about their worries, what kind of institution there is, office hours, fees, and so on. In such cases, it is helpful to use search services immediately, and they find out “where” and “what” they can consult. When considering the life in the area, it is very important to have information on community-based services that cover various contents of consultations. Based on the above, the MEICIS researchers have developed a website to search for mental health consultation services, the MEICIS Mental Consultation Room. The MEICIS aims at enhancing community-based consultation and support services in the Community-based Integrated Care System for Mental Disorders. In addition, the website emphasizes the user interface, which is easy for people both to access and understand regardless of age and sex.
The MEICIS Mental Consultation Room uses designs and illustrations friendly with everyone. In addition, it adopts 13 consultation categories according to contents and fields, and users can access the appropriate consultation organization easily and quickly. For example, in the “Consultation about children” category, the following main complaint items are provided as options, as follows: “I want to consult about childcare,” “I want to consult about frustration, anxiety, and discipline in childcare,” “I am concerned about my child’s development,” and “I am concerned about my child’s character and behavior.” By choosing a main complaint, a list of consultation organizations that provide the relevant services is displayed. The listed consultation organizations, which include services provided by Ota City, have already agreed with the purpose of the research and this website and provided permission to be listed.
From now on, the MEICIS researchers will receive user feedback on the usability of the website using the questionnaires set up on the site, and they will continue to update the website to improve it further. It is expected that this website will become a model in each region for disseminating information about consultation and counseling services in the Community-based Integrated Care System for Mental Disorders in Japan.

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