October 20, 2022


October 20, 2022

Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure for Creating and Connecting Diverse Forms of Reality in a Safe and Secure Way

Toho University, together with Nagoya University and Kadinche Corporation, has been selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for the Strategic Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) project called “Creation of Fundamental Software for Society 5.0 by Integrating Basic Theory and System Infrastructure Technology” under the research project entitled “Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure for Creating and Connecting Diverse Forms of Reality in a Safe and Secure Way.”

This project aims to create a “Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure” technology that assures the safety and reliability of various forms of reality (For example, physical reality space and metaverse reality space) from a by-design perspective and then interconnects them to enable the construction of various services.
Assuming close interaction between different spaces and new threats, we aim to establish new trust principles that can serve as the basis for the next society through research on technologies to build and connect real spaces that enable hierarchical access management and security protection of the spaces that constitute each reality.

Research Outline

Overall development objectives and aims of the project:
Information technology has extended our reality (reality = the place where we place our values in life) from physical to virtual cyberspace. In recent years, advanced virtual reality (VR) technologies that are more directly linked to human senses have emerged and are expected to create new industries. However, in exchange for a highly immersive experience, concerns exist regarding security and privacy risks related to biometric and environmental information through constantly worn VR devices and the emergence of invasive attack methods on the body and mind.
This project aims to establish information infrastructure technology to construct various forms of reality consisting of various physical and virtual spaces and the entities that exist in them and to realize their safe and secure integration.
The first step in this project is to clarify the requirements for a new trust infrastructure, considering the space’s nature and entities’ attributes in the extended reality through the research and development of reality construction and connection technologies for various modalities. We will design an information infrastructure with human-centered usable security technology that assumes actual usage and operation patterns. In addition to extending information security perspectives such as spatial and user identity assurance, authentication, and cryptographic methods that dynamically and adaptively change the granularity of the target, we will medically examine the impact and threats posed by physical and mental invasiveness through wearable devices. The infrastructure integrating each research item is called the Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure and aims to assess its convenience, security, and availability through national and international demonstrations.
Project research overview:
Project name:
JST CREST “Creation of Fundamental Software for Society 5.0 by Integrating Fundamental Theory and System Infrastructure Technology”
Title of research: “Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure for Creating and Connecting Diverse Forms of Reality in a Safe and Secure Way”

Research organization:
Tokai National University Organization Nagoya University (Principal Investigator)
Toho University and Kadinche Corporation (Principal Co-researchers)

Research period:
5.5 years from 2022 to 2028

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